Kardashians Might Sue Over Ad That Shows Them Tied Up in Trunk of Car But It's Not That Offensive

Three women ball-gagged and tied up in the trunk of a car is no laughing matter -- though some imbeciles over at an ad agency in India seemed to think it was. The agency came up with three mock ads each depicting three people tied up in the back of a Ford Figo. Two of the ads have scantily clad women hogtied in the hatchback. One of the ads shows Paris Hilton winking as she has the Kardashian sisters tied up in the back of her car, ball-gagged or their mouths taped shut. The Kardashians don't think it's a riot either -- they're threatening to sue.


I wouldn't say this ad is tasteful or even that hilarious -- but you get that it's satire. You think about Paris Hilton, who probably loathes the Kardashians for banking millions more than she ever did on the famous-for-nothing genre she practically invented, kidnapping the Kardashians and you kind of smile. Just a tad.

The other ad, however, which depicts three women who look like strippers or prostitutes ball-gagged in the backseat with former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi driving. This one is anything but funny.

High-profile gang rapes in India have led to widespread revolt, protests, and even laws changing the age of consent to 18. Now isn't the time for anyone in India to be joking around about women being tied up and put in the trunk of a car. In fact, I don't think there's any right time for that.

The difference between the two ads is that one is pure satire, pure absurdity. It would and could never actually happen. That doesn't mean the Kardashians like it though, reportedly they are "exploring all legal options." Their lawyer calls the ad "disgusting, vile, and offensive to all women." I dunno. The Kardashians have sniffed each other's panties. It's hard to feel too bad for them over an ad like this -- which wasn't even a real ad, but was uploaded by someone to a site called Ads of the World.

But the other ad comes too close to being based on actual events. Silvio was involved in an underage prostitution scandal and was a well-known partier who loved young ladies.

But neither ad should have been made, even if it was done as an inside agency joke. The agency, WWP, and Ford India have both apologized, but you have to wonder what kind of men -- because I'm sure it's men -- would have come up with these ads.

What do you think of these ads? Do you think one is okay or that both are offensive?


Image via WWP Worldwide

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