Pregnant Kim Kardashian's Skin-Tight Pencil Skirt Could Be Her Worst Look Yet

kim kardashianOk, I'm really starting to get confused. After finally seeing her wear a comfy, loose-fitting maternity dress, in the next breath, a photo of Kim Kardashian in a skin-tight pencil skirt popped up -- and now none of us know what to make of her pregnancy style.

Seriously, it's been all over the place thus far. From feathers to leather and lace to a seemingly normal-looking maternity dress -- and right back to body-hugging skirts -- Kim just can't seem to figure out how she wants to dress her baby bump.


And you know what has me even more confused? Just recently, Kim was all worried about looking heavy, which is why she's been telling people she's only five-and-a-half months along instead of six.

But if she's really worried about looking heavy, why on earth would she choose a bright, teal skirt that doesn't even give her an inch of room to breathe? Wouldn't black have been a better choice? Like the skirt she's pictured wearing, here?

Don't get me wrong, she still managed to pull off the teal skirt much better than most of us who aren't pregnant could -- but how did she sit down in that thing?

Sigh. It's almost like being pregnant has thrown Kim for such a loop, she doesn't even know where to begin when it comes to finding suitable maternity wear. (Except for the chic beige dress, of course.)

And I guess I understand why she's having so much trouble, because it's something I struggled with myself for the first few months of my pregnancy. It takes a little while for maternity clothes to look good and fit correctly, and that's why at first, I simply bought regular clothes in larger sizes. But then I started looking all frumpy and weird, which is when I knew it was time to make the switch, especially since I clearly had a baby bump on display.

Maybe Kim is just having a tough time finding styles to suit her since she really only started showing in the past few weeks. And maybe from here on out, she'll stick to cute dresses that flatter her like the beige one instead of trying to keep her belly confined in super-snug pencil skirts and the like. (Fingers crossed.)

How long did it take you to settle on a maternity style?


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