Prince Harry Needs Some 'Kate Middleton' Advice Before Returning to America

prince harryHold on to your hats, Americans! Prince Harry will be hopping across the pond to our fair nation in a few weeks for his second U.S. tour in the past year. ZOMG.

Come May, the Spare (Spare) to the Heir will be making stops in Colorado for the Warrior Games for wounded serviceman; New Jersey to visit Hurricane Sandy victims; Connecticut to play in a polo match; and NYC for a fundraising party. To ensure the trip goes as swimmingly and un-Vegas-y as possible, the royal family enlisted Kate Middleton to coach Harry on what to do/how to interact with the crowd.

She hasn't even been a Duchess for two years, but Katie has this stuff down. Here's what she instructed Harry to do.


1. Share his hangover cures. Crowds love this. With Kate, she's been discussing what she's been doing for her morning sickness -- something about lavender shortbread -- and the masses have been eating it up. Literally. There's a lavender shortage now.

2. Wear appropriate clothing. IE, no high heels. Those things will trip a sister (or brother) up.

3. Speaking of appropriate clothing, a boy scout uniform might not be a bad idea ... um, said Kate.

4. Bend down when speaking to children. Allow them to shower you with gifts. People love this shit. Seriously, they'll eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Royals and toddlers! Ahhhh!!!

5. Share what the royal baby will refer to Uncle Harry as. Even if it is just Uncle Harry. The Internet will blow up the next day from this non-news.

6. Wear a button. Any button'll do. Royals + Buttons = The stuff non-royal, non-button-wearing people's dreams are made of. 

7. Don't take your top off. Even if you think you're alone in your hotel room at night, even if you're in the shower -- you will be photographed. But note: This is one piece of advice of Kate's in which The Stir disagrees. Harry, we say: Please, take it off.

Are you excited for Harry's U.S. visit?

Image via Walking With the Wounded/Flickr

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