Kim Kardashian Finally Learns How to Dress Like She’s Pregnant

Kim Kardashian beigeLook out, ladies and gentlemen -- Kim Kardashian finally wore a loose-fitting maternity dress, and she looked damn good in it, too.

Ok, so I know it's tough to get a clear look at her in this picture, but take a look at this close-up photo of Kim's beige, conservative dress. Does she look absolutely adorable or does she look absolutely adorable?!?

OMG. She nailed it with this one. She wore the frock for a lunch date with her pal Brittny Gastineau, and for a trip to the nail salon. (Sounds like a nice afternoon to me.)


And it's hard not to notice how much more comfortable and confident she looks in this outfit as opposed to some of the tighter maternity duds she's worn.

Could it actually be happening? Has Kim Kardashian finally realized that comfort definitely trumps trendiness when you're as far along in your pregnancy as she is?

For the sake of her growing baby bump, let's hope so. Now that Kim is at a point where there's really no mistaking the fact that she's pregnant, she really doesn't have to try as hard when it comes to wearing clothes that accentuate her belly. Everyone who's anyone knows she has a bun in the oven, so she can get away with wearing looser fitting pieces without having people mistake her for carrying a food baby.

And honestly, she's really doing herself a favor by choosing dresses like this one. She was recently heard on camera saying she feels "heavy" right now, but by keeping things nice and loose, she actually looks less "large" to me. She looks like a woman who is six months pregnant, which is how she should look, right? When she wears the tight stuff, she basically appears as though she's trying way too hard to convince the world that she's pregnant -- which is totally unnecessary. (Doesn't she realize she's Kim Kardashian?)

Do you prefer tight or loose maternity clothes?


Image via Splash

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