Kristen Stewart's Messy Braid at Kids' Choice Awards Was All Sorts of Wrong

Kristen StewartI can't believe I'm saying this, but I didn't hate what Kristen Stewart opted to wear to the Kids' Choice Awards last night. The Twilight star stepped onto the orange and purple carpet in Los Angeles rockin' a matching deep purple shorts and top combo, and I've got to say -- she looked casually awesome.

I appreciate the Kids' Choice Awards because everyone dresses down a bit, it's all much more relaxed and chill. With that said -- as much as I do like Kristen's Osman Yousefzada outfit and Christian Louboutin pumps, there's something about her casual style that does irk me. The hair.

Listen, there's a difference between a stylish messy hairdo and one that's just plain ... messy. Kristen's fishtail braid looks like something the 6-year-old I babysit could do.


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First of all, let me say I'm all for a casual sort of hairstyle with this look. I think that the shorts and shirt combo are pretty dressed up considering their fabric, so getting the hair out of the face is a definite yes. But the way that this braid is just put together, pieces everywhere, it's so straggly and thin -- Kristen can totally do better than this.

With summer on the horizon, the messy hair out of the face look is totally something we're ALL going to try and master. Sure, Kristen's braid is a good model, but when you look up close, it's loose then tight then loose and it's just ... ratty. Some better models? Lucy Lui's fishtail braid at the 2013 Golden Globes or Taylor Swift's braided updo at the People's Choice Awards. But really, can someone come over and do my hair now?

Are you a fan of a messy side braid? Do you like Kristen's Kids' Choice Awards look?


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