Lisa Vanderpump’s Covered in Bruises & Reality TV Is to Blame

lisa vanderpump dwtsLisa Vanderpump is covered in bruises, but unlike her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Adrienne Maloof, there's no drama behind it. No accusations of domestic violence (I mean, as if Ken could ever raise a hand to anyone). No rumors that her evil chef's behind the whole thing. No publicity stunts. Lisa's black and blueness can be attributed to one thing, and one thing only -- her rigorous workouts on Dancing With the Stars

Either her partner Gleb is manhandling the crap out of her or she's caught Avian Bone Syndrome from Emily Mortimer's character on 30 Rock. Here's what Lisa had to say:


I look okay on the outside, but inside I'm falling apart. I'm covered in [bruises]. ... It's so much harder than I thought it would be! I have to be honest. It should come with a health warning.

I suppose the Foxtrot is one of those things that looks way harder than it is, but I'd never go so crazy as to assume it'd make one covered in bruises. Poor Lisa!

She and Gleb take the dance floor again tonight, and on Tuesday, it's elimination time. I hope Lisa's able to camouflage her injuries enough so that she's not one giant dancing, oozing blueberry, but something tells me that shouldn't be a problem.

If there's anything Lisa knows how to do, it's put up with and/or hide her feelings of utter pain and disgust. She used to live next door to the Maloofs, after all.

Are you cheering for Lisa on DWTS?


Photo via ABC

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