Paris Hilton 'Swatting' Attack is Latest in Dumb & Dangerous Trend

Paris HiltonThere are a lot of stupid trendy pranks people engage in that I just don't get. There's everything from milking to planking to owling, and I guess they're fun for some. A new trend has hit Hollywood, however, that goes beyond dumb into dangerous and illegal territory. It's called "Swatting," and Paris Hilton was the latest victim of it this weekend.

The senseless act gets its name because after a prank call is made to police to report that someone is breaking into a home (usually one belonging to a well-known celebrity), SWAT teams descend upon that person's house. According to TMZ, this is just what happened last night when police were called around 5:22 p.m. with a report that someone had broken into Hilton's home


Apparently when they got there they didn't find any evidence that anyone had been in the home, and Paris was in Miami. So the whole think was chalked up to "Swatting." As bad as the prank is, Hilton is in good company when it comes to other victims. Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Tom Cruise, and the Kardashians have all been targeted in similar ways. So I suppose the fading starlet might consider it a compliment of sorts, as pathetic as the prank may be.

What kind of assholes do this? Well, there must be quite a few of them out there. If you remember, the person responsible for the swatting prank pulled on Ashton Kutcher was a 12-year-old kid. Now he faces two felony counts -- that's right it's a felony. As it should be.

Police put their lives on the line every day to protect those in danger, and to have them rush out on a false call just for someone's amusement is sick. What if other people needed their help, or what if police get so sick of these prank calls that they don't respond seriously to a real call?

And, most baffling -- why is this even amusing? The people who do it must have some pretty sad, pathetic lives to get their kicks like this. It's wrong, and it's just plain stupid. So go plank or milk all you like, but leave the police out of it, assholes.

What do you think of this "Swatting" prank trend?


Image via ellasportfoloio/Flickr

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