Caroline Manzo Reveals Dark Secret About Her Marriage & We're Pretty Shocked

caroline manzoIt's hard for The Real Housewives of New Jersey to stay relevant, what with their rich, better looking, more interesting friends on the Beverly Hills cast overshadowing the entire series with its gorgeous, glossy finish, but Caroline Manzo isn't going down without a fight. In her latest attempt to convince us she's some tough-loving matriarch who needs to be revered, she's put out a book. Excuse me, a memoir -- it's called Let Me Tell You Something.

And let me tell you something: in it, she admits that her husband cheated on her. Record. Scratch.


Albert? Cheating? What?

Manzo told the New York Daily News:

I know the man I married. He’s a good man, but he’s a man. I don’t believe there were any long-term affairs. If that were the case, this story would end differently.

As if that weren't enough, she went on to say that it's possible he's had some short trysts during their 30-year marriage, but she doesn't like to, you know, think about it.

I'm so confused. For someone who claims they have an extremely low tolerance for bullshit, she clearly puts up with a lot of it from her husband.

Here's the thing: Caroline claims she's above the fray and doesn't have time for the petty fights, and the drama, and the general societal disturbance that are the Giudices, but clearly she's just as deep in the reality show cesspool as her cast mates, to whom she spends many hours asserting her superiority.

But that's just classic Caroline. All smoke and mirrors.

Are you surprised by Caroline's revelation?


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