Malcolm Jamal Warner Dumps Regina King With Some Pretty Harsh Words

malcolm jamal warner regina kingSad day for romance, everyone. Malcolm Jamal Warner and Regina King have called it quits. The two had been dating for two years and shared a home together with Regina's young son from her previous marriage to Ian Alexander Jr. Apparently, Malcolm didn't mince words when it came time to end things and allegedly told Regina he just "wasn't feeling it anymore."



That's gotta sting. Going off her recent interviews, it doesn't seem like Regina saw this coming. In January 2012, she said, "I believe the universe has a plan, and we probably wouldn't have been ready years ago. We both had to do whatever we had to do to be ready for each other now." There were even engagement rumors.

According to reports, Regina's heartbroken. Malcolm's asked her and her son to move out, and it sounds like he's serious.

On paper, this relationship looked like it had everything in the world going for it. These two had known each other since the '80s when they were both child actors -- Malcolm as Theo on the Cosby Show and Regina as Brenda Jenkins on 227 -- and had taken their time falling in love. They were also careful not to share too much of their private life with the press, a move that shows they were serious about maturing as a couple.

As much as they sounded great for one another, I guess they just couldn't make things work. Word to the wise, though, Malcolm. Next time you dump a girl, try being a little more sensitive. "I'm just not feeling it" warrants you a kick in the shins. No pudding pops for you, my man.

What's the worst way you've ever been dumped?


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