Naughty Jon Hamm Rumor Inspires 10 Larger Than Life Headlines

jon hammHave you heard the one about Jon Hamm's ham? The Mad Men star was allegedly told that he needed to leave his commando ways behind and start wearing underwear on set since the tight pants of the late '60s were revealing too much of his impressive anatomy. Really, AMC? Trying to rein in that bald-headed giggle stick is like trying to pin a tail on Halley's Comet.

Hamm, as a matter of fact, actually responded to the rumor, admitting he's heard it, but won't comment on it. Boring! If Hamm can't acknowledge his gentleman's pistol, at least the Internet can. Here are the 10 best headlines to come out this larger than life Jon Hamm rumor.


1. The Jon Hamm Dong is Allegedly Too Distracting for TV, the World

2. Jon Hamm’s Large Penis Causing Issues on Set of Mad Men 

3. Jon Hamm’s Junk Not Welcome In ‘Mad Men’ Ads

4. Jon Hamm's revealing performances puts 'Mad Men' in a tight spot

5. Jon Hamm's Penis Too Big for Clothes, Needs Airbrushing

6. AMC Begs Jon Hamm to Put His Penis Away

7. AMC Bans Jon Hamm's Dick From Set of 'Mad Men'

8. Jon Hamm's Penis Has Been Banned From Set of 'Mad Men'

9. Jon Hamm's Penis Is So Big They Have to Photoshop It

And the best one goes to

10. AMC Made Jon Hamm Wear Underwear So We Wouldn't See His  Dick Whitman on 'Mad Men'

Thanks for the laughs, Jon Hamm's penis. Thanks for the laughs.

What's your favorite headline?


Photo via Chip Sommodevilla/Getty

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