Kate Middleton Bizarrely Psyched to Ride Public Transportation & We Feel Bad for Her

kate middleton baker street tubeMost days, we're apt to believe that ever since she married Prince William, Kate Middleton has basically been living the real-life version of a Disney Princess fairy tale. Even when suffering from extreme morning sickness and being stalked by paparazzi, Kate has appeared to have it all. But a story in the news sets the record straight: When it comes to being a duchess, there are definitely more drawbacks than we realize. Drawbacks like having to forgo some of life's most basic, ordinary, everyday pleasures.

For most of us, riding public transportation is more of a pain in the butt or, at least, a choice we don't really have based on financial circumstances. (Sure, we can wish we had a private sedan to scoot us endlessly around, but uh, yeah right! We're not princesses. Not even Mia Thermopolises!) But it's something Kate can't do that she actually misses. And she actually requested that she be allowed to recently!


Upon learning that the Queen was to attend an event honoring the London Underground's 150th anniversary, Kate reportedly asked if she could be part of the visit to the historic Tube station after their two offices compared diaries and the Queen formally invited her. "She just fancied it. She asked if she could come along," a senior royal aide said.

During the event -- at which she was given a much-discussed "baby on board" button other expectant Londoners can wear when they take the Tube -- Sky News reports that the Duchess shone some light on why she "fancied" the event: "I used to use the Tube on a regular basis. I miss traveling on the Tube." Awww, poor thing! No, seriously! I know she's got to be one of the luckiest, most privileged women on the planet for many reasons, but she's also a prisoner of her circumstances.

Yeah, okay, she gets chauffeured wherever she wants to go, but there is something liberating about taking the subway on your own. I could see why she'd miss it. (Well, at least I could see why she'd miss the Tube, which tends to be cleaner and more efficient than most cities' underground systems.)

And that's just one everyday, normal, daily activity she can no longer enjoy as a royal. Come to think of it, Kate can't even go on vacation or debut her baby bump without being violated by stalkerazzi. So, let's face it -- she doesn't have it all, and sometimes, her elite, overprotected life makes our snoozefest, ordinary ones look damn good

Does this make you feel like life as a royal isn't necessarily all that?

Image via Jesal/Tanna/Splash News

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