Kim Kardashian Makes an Outrageous Request for Her Baby’s Birth

kim kardashianNever let it be said that Kimye ever let herself be out-done by Beyonce. Remember when Bey took over a wing of Lenox Hill Hospital to birth baby Blue Ivy? Well, a source says Kim Kardashian will rent a hospital floor to have her baby. Everything will be SO PERFECT for the Kimye baby, and if they have to take over a whole hospital floor, everybody move out!

According to the source, Kim's birthing room will be sound-proofed. All outside noises and "influences" will be blocked. There will be mood lighting, and "the sounds of nature will be reflected with trickling water and soothing wind." Angels will beat their wings softly in a corner while a unicorn breathes golden energy sparkles into the room. (Okay, I'm just guessing about that last part.)


Anyway, at the risk of stating the obvious: WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED.

A whole floor? Why not! Might as well. Just throw a bunch of money at the hospital, they don't care. It's all the same to them. I just hope this doesn't mean that critical staff won't be diverted from the other, plebeian, unwashed masses giving birth, like what reportedly happened during Blue Ivy's birth.

Otherwise, more power to Kim and Kanye if they have the dough to build themselves an ideal environment to bring their child into the world. But they should remember: You can't control your birth as much as you'd like to. Kim's plan reminds me of those high-strung women (me) who show up at the hospital with their bullet-list birth plans (me) only to find out that childbirth is nothing at all like what they expected (me again).

Kim is already surprised at how different her pregnancy is from her sister's and mother's. She should also prepare herself for having a different birth experience, too. And by prepare I don't mean throwing money at contingencies. I mean prepare on the inside -- relax and be ready to ride out whatever happens. Whole hospital floor or not, when it comes right down to it, labor for Kim Kardashian isn't that different from labor for any other woman.

What do you think about Kim's plans to take over a whole hospital floor?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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