Liam Hemsworth Refuses to Deny Affair Rumors -- OMG! (VIDEO)

MILEY CYRUS SPOTTED WITHOUT ENGAGEMENT RING AFTER DENYING SPLIT WITH FIANCE LIAM HEMSWORTH!!! LIAM HEMSWORTH SPOTTED MAKING OUT WITH ACTRESS JANUARY JONES!!! Holy crap, the tabloids have been going absolutely nuts about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, haven't they? It's one of those stories where there's no actual story -- no shocking statements, no scandalous infidelity photos, no explosive interviews -- and yet for whatever reason, the media can't stop speculating about what's going on between this couple.

If ever you needed proof how a celebrity's behavior can be twisted into some sort of confirmation that all the gossip is true, look no further than this TMZ footage of Liam Hemsworth returning to LA this week. Apparently, the way he acts on camera is irrefutable PROOF that he and Miley are splitting up.


TMZ describes Hemsworth's response to being peppered with questions about Miley and January Jones as "odd," and that "for some reason," he keeps his left hand hidden while he's on camera.

Check out the UNBELIEVABLE footage right here:


Yeaaaaaah. Pretty much looks like a guy trying to get to his car after a long-ass flight to me. And what's with the speculation over his left hand? Is he missing his pretty sparkly diamond? Oh my god he's not wearing his engagement ring what does it MEAN?

Aside from the fact that he doesn't have an engagement ring, that is.

I don't know why certain celebrities manage to attract this level of crazy, smothering attention -- to me, it just doesn't seem like there's anything inherently fascinating about this particular couple, but other people clearly feel otherwise. I feel bad for the two of them, really. Whatever is going on, if ANYTHING, having the paparazzi all up in your grill shouting stupid things as you leave an airport can't be fun, and I can't blame him at all for refusing to engage.

What could he possibly say, anyway? Given what the tabloids have done with them so far, it seems like any sort of comment would just get warped into the juicy BREAKUP!!! message the media so desperately wants to sell.

What do you think about this video? Do you think he should have stopped to answer any of the photographer's questions?

Image via TMZ

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