Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Deposition Lasts 9 Hours & GOD What Did She Admit To?

Kim KardashianOh Kim Kardashian, this divorce thing with Kris Humphries is just getting to be such a drag. The soon-to-be baby momma secretly sat for her deposition Tuesday in Los Angeles at her lawyer Laura Wasser's office, where she confessed that when she said "I do," she really did love him. The funny part? After his lawyer Lee Hutton put up such a stink that Kris had the right to be at Kim's deposition in court, the basketballer didn't even show up! HA! I'm sure Kim didn't mind.

The highlight of all of this: the length of Kim's deposition. TMZ is reporting that the deposition lasted 9 hours. Nine. Freakin'. Hours. Can you IMAGINE talking to Kim Kardashian for nine hours?!

Oh the things she would say ...


Hutton: So, did you love my client?

Kim: Yes.

Hutton: What did you love about him?

Kim: He's super tall so he makes me look super small and petite. I also love how his proposal looked super, super sweet on TV. Thank GOD because we had to do it twice. I loved him, then.

Hutton: But only then?

Kim: Of course not. I loved him many times throughout our 72-day marriage. Which, for the record, has gone SO much longer than 72-days now.

Hutton: Would you have ever wanted to have a baby with him?

Kim: Well that's a silly question. I can't have a baby with him because I'm having Kanye's baby. He wouldn't be happy to hear that.

Hutton: [Holds head in hands.]

Kim: I like that tie, Lee. Is it Burberry?

Hutton: No, my daughter got it for me from Marshall's. And stop asking me questions, I ASK THE QUESTIONS HERE.

Yeah ... I just can't imagine personally having a 9-hour conversation with anyone, nevertheless about the same exact topic. Other real things to come out of Kim's talk with Kris' lawyer? She says that Keeping Up With the Kardashians played no part in her decision to get married to Kris, which is impossible because that reality show plays a part in EVERYTHING she does. I guess we'll just have to wait until the trial, which is set for May 9, to find out more.

What do you imagine went down in Kim Kardashian's deposition?


Image via myalexis/ Flickr

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