Ian Somerhalder’s Car Gets Broken Into & He Goes All Christian Grey on the Thief

ian somerhalder's carTrouble in gorgeous, smoldering paradise, you guys. Fifty Shades of Grey movie front-runner Ian Somerhalder's car was broken into. The 34-year-old actor Instagrammed a photo of the damage last night, and yikes, this doesn't look like an easy fix.

Along with the photo, Ian had some quippy comments to share about the break-in, as well as a solid dig at the burglar who did this. Ian: Sugary one minute, bitter the next. Check it:


Times are tough, I know, but whoever smashed my window last night and stole my iPod, you're in luck! I just put some great new music on it!

Aww, he's a bigger person who can get over something like this because a) shit happens, b) he has enough money to fix his car and get a new iPod and buy new music, and c) he's got a sense of humor and can shrug off most things.

Wait, sorry, spoke too soon. He followed up the above caption with a message to the perp. He wrote:

"You're a dick, FYI."

Welp, so much for taking the high road. Not that I necessarily disagree with Ian, but I'm just saying.

Here's the thing -- Somerhalder's showing off both his salty and sweet side here. He's cool one minute, seething the next. Sound like someone we know? I'll give you a hint: he's fictional, and his name rhymes with Bristian Brey.

Ian gets more and more perfect for the role as the days go on. I mean, I may not be right about that, but I'm definitely not wrong.

What do you think of Ian's chances of being cast as Christian Grey?


Photo via IanSomerhalder/Instagram

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