Tina Fey Revisits Sarah Palin Impression & It Never Gets Old (VIDEO)

tina fey inside the actor's studioIt feels like it's been a million and a half years since Sarah Palin was actually relevant. (Especially now that even FOX News has no use for her!) But that didn't stop James Lipton, the long-time host of Inside the Actors Studio, from asking Tina Fey -- out promoting her new flick Admissions -- if she would do her classic impression of the former Alaska governor-turned-reality show star. Then again, that's his schtick. He loves to interview famous guests as one of their most memorable characters. And we love it, too.

Because even though it's an impression that could have gone completely stale, the current themes that flow through Tina's Palin-ized responses are so dead-on that it's all still hilaaarious. Seriously! And I would "betcha" not just to "liberal media folk" like yours truly.

Check it out ...


Too, too funny. Especially the part about how "marriage is meant for people who wear different kinds of bathing suits" -- and, oh yeah, how Tina's impression is the best one she's never watched. Haa! For some reason, those two zingers make me giggle nonstop. Something about how random and almost child-like and goofy and ... totally delusional it is. Because those are pretty much the only kinds of soundbytes we've come to expect from Palin.

But it's so much more entertaining when it's coming from Tina! Who, by the way, totally deserves props for dusting off her "maverick"-y impression and keeping it fresher than ever! What a good sport.

How funny was this?! Does it make you love Tina even more?


Image via mediaite.com via bravotv.com

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