Khloe Kardashian’s Amazing Makeover Will Have You Doing a Double Take

khloe kardashianKhloe Kardashian's getting a makeover, everyone. The reality star turned TV host is apparently trying to revamp her entire look so that she can keep her X Factor job. And no, revamping just doesn't mean "lose weight", although that has been a big part of it.

Here's what else she's been doing:


A source told Heat magazine that Khlo's been working really hard to try and transform her image.

She's hired a new stylist to help her look slim and camera ready. Plus she's had facial treatments, new hair and eyelash extensions and had her brows reshaped to really define her face.

I find it a little shocking that Khloe never had a stylist, nor hair treatments, nor eyelash extensions before, but that's not to say the so-called transformation isn't working. Khloe's been looking great recently -- from her ombre, soft waves to pin-straight locks to her Mad Men-inspired makeup, everything she's stepped out in has been working.

It's not like Khloe needed a makeover, though -- she looked great without all the primping and pampering before -- but if it's something she wants, well, then, get it girl.

And if it's only something X Factor wants, and this whole overhaul isn't Khloe's idea, well, then, uh oh.

Do you think Khloe needed a makeover?


Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty

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