‘Game of Thrones’ Cast Tries to Mimic the Theme Song at Season 3 Premiere Party (VIDEO)

Game of ThronesThere's almost nothing better than the opening credits for Game of Thrones. It's sad but true. With detailed computer-animated effects showing off Westeros and one of the catchiest theme songs ever, the opening may be quite long, but rewatching it is a great way to get even more pumped for season 3.

Clearly the actors feel the same way. MTV Geek tracked down the stars of the show during the season 3 premiere party and pretty much forced them to sing their best "duh duh duh duh" version of the theme song (which, um, by the way, has no lyrics). And it's awesome. And kind of freaky to see these people out of costume and in the modern day world. Still, sometimes it's hard to get over how good-looking this cast really is! God bless HBO.


Without further adieu:

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How grateful we are for the Internet that things like this exist. Bran and Arya Starks' versions are rather hilarious, but their mom Catelyn doesn't seem to get it quite right. And even raven-haired Cersei Lannister still looks smokin', though we're used to seeing her with long, flowing, blonde tresses. Just wish we could have gotten a cameo from Tyrion or Jon Snow! Hopefully next time.

Glad to see the cast having some fun after what most likely was an extremely intense shoot. What better way to get pumped up for season 3 than listening to the amazing theme song over ... and over ... and over again. Just a few more days until March 31!

Whose version of the theme song was your favorite?


Image via MTV Geek

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