Kate Middleton's Reaction to Her Critics Proves She Needs a Thicker Skin

kate middletonAfter British comedian Sandi Toksvig said she was basically opinion-less and boring, Kate Middleton's feelings were allegedly hurt. A talkative source close to the Duchess of Cambridge revealed to a tabloid that she's frustrated by the attack and has vented to friends that she has many strong ideas, especially when it comes to the charities she supports.


She supposedly went on to insist she has passionate views about many things, and has been really moved by her experiences with the underprivileged children she's worked with.

I hate to hear that my Kate's upset, but it's time for some tough love: Girl needs to grow a pair ... and some thick skin, while she's at it. If she's really letting this stuff get to her, that's ridiculous. (Did I just invalidate her feelings? Oh god. Now she's never going to name the royal baby after me.)

While I agree whole-heartedly with the argument that she's a Duchess, not a reality star, and therefore doesn't need to wow us and draw us in with her zany/sexy/drunken/whatever TV personality, I do think she needs to act like a reality star and let these rude comments from comedians roll off her back.

I mean, could you imagine if Snooki or Kim Kardashian let the haters get to them? They'd never leave bed ... and would never make the millions of dollars and reel in the millions of fans that they do.

Haters gone hate, Kate -- it's just part of the game. I hope she keeps her chin up and keeps her eye on the prize. That royal baby bump isn't going to give birth to itself, after all.

What's your advice for our decidedly not boring and mutual best friend Kate Middleton?


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