Jon Hamm Asked to Keep His Package Under Wraps on 'Mad Men' (VIDEO)

Don DraperIt’s hard to believe network execs weren't sure Jon Hamm was sexy enough for the role of Don Draper. WHAT??? Of course, then the hottie actor blew away the critics when he turned out to be the sexiest ad executive that television has ever seen. Well, now our favorite ad man has reportedly been asked to -- gasp! -- wear underwear on the set, at the request of AMC, while filming season 6 of Mad Men

Why would they ask such a thing? Is it really that BIG a deal? Eh em, apparently so ... 


As Mad Men moves into the swinging ‘60s, the guys’ pants are going to start getting tighter. Which means they’ll leave very little to the imagination ... “Jon’s impressive anatomy is so distracting that they politely insisted on underwear," reveals a “source.” HILARIOUS! Can you just imagine that conversation?

Supposedly they've already had to airbrush Mad Men promotional stills to be more family-friendly, well, because as any true Mad Men/Jon Hamm fan already knows, Hamm’s kind of famous for letting his prominent package swing freely. (By the way, guess how many hits you get if you Google “Jon Hamm’s package”? That would be 226,000 -- and I didn't even try Googling anything racier!) 

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Well, this is certainly well-timed information; the season 6 premiere is April 7, a date I've had burned in my brain since I first heard it. (Honestly what TAKES THEM SO LONG?!) Now we’re going to all be distracted every time they do a full-body shot of Don -- especially during the episode where Don and Megan Draper hang out on the beach in Hawaii. In the name of journalistic integrity, I watched several Mad Men YouTube videos, and I’m sad to report no pertinent shots of Don’s below the belt were revealed. So I cannot tell you if he really is wearing undies in season 6 or not. Guess we'll have to watch (very closely) and find out!

This video includes a bunch of great clips from the last season though -- just what you need to get in the mood for more Mad Men, and plenty of Don Draper!

Are you a Mad Men fan? If not, are you going to be now?!

Image via TVshowstrailers/YouTube

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