Camille & Kelsey Grammer Fight Over Their Old Bed ... When They Should Just Agree to Burn It

Camille GrammerPrepare yourself for the silliest thing you've heard all day: Camille Grammer is fighting with ex-husband Kelsey Grammer over a bed. Yes, a bed. The situation is that Kelsey and his wife Kayte Walsh are moving into the $16 million Holmby Hills home that he once shared with Camille back in the day. Camille sent movers and her assistant with their divorce settlement in hand to get the bed. That statement indicated that Camille is entitled to the bed as well as a bunch of other furniture.

Not so surprisingly, Kelsey freaked OUT. He yelled at the movers. Camille says he was overreacting (of course he is) and that he doesn't even want the bedroom furniture. It all sounds ... stupid really.

Why now does Camille want this bed? If she doesn't want Kelsey to share it with Kayte, then WHY does she want to share it with someone else? Isn't that equally as weird? Is she this desperate for attention that she wants to drudge up all these old memories?


Here's the way I see it: The both of them have PLENTY of money to buy new furniture. Camille's season of Real Housewives is coming to a close and perhaps this is just her way of getting into the headlines. I've heard crazier things.

With that said, I would be mad if I was Kelsey too. Ignoring the fact that I just put myself in Kelsey Grammer's mindset for a second, the man was just hanging at home and random people showed up to take things from him unexpectedly. Not exactly a happy afternoon, eh? I agree with Camille, I doubt he cares whether or not he has the bed and other furniture in his possession or not. It's the whole surprise aspect of this that makes him angry.

Oh the difficult life of the rich and famous. Go buy a new bed Kelsey. There's probably a sale at Sleepys.

Do you think Camille actually cares about the furniture?


Image via Bravo

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