Olivia Wilde's Strip Club Gift to Fiance Could Be the Key to a Perfect Marriage

olivia wilde, jason sudeikisSo this weekend, my husband was like, “Olivia Wilde is the coolest girl ever!” The reason for the seemingly random gush-fest? The actress treated her new fiancé Jason Sudeikis to a night out at a strip club. She reportedly booked a private champagne room with two pole dancers and that's not all!


While Jason wasn't allowed to touch the strippers, Olivia could indulge and things reportedly got pretty crazy behind the curtain. At the end of their Wilde night (pun intended!), the actress even picked up the tab. Talk about an out-of-the-box date night. It makes me wonder how far we should be willing to go to keep that spark lit. Most women that I know would hate watching their man salivate over two perfectly toned, gyrating, crotch grazing girls.

Of course, I don't know Olivia. This could be her thing. She may have enjoyed it just as much as Jason -- which is awesome. It's always great when couples share hobbies. Plus, is hitting the strip club with your significant other really so bad? It could do wonders for your sex life. Sex experts are always recommending that couples be more adventurous, try new things, explore the unexplored. Why not this? There may be some unexpected benefits. Such as, you ask?

  • It could be a complete turn-on
  • It makes him feel he can share his deepest fantasies with you
  • You might discover you kinda like it too
  • Even if you only do it once, it could be a great memory for you two to share
  • You no longer have to worry about what goes on in the strip club
  • He thinks you are the. Best. Wife. Ever!

However, for some guys, having your wife or girlfriend along is a total mood killer. He may look forward to a boys' night. But if your guy's game and you can work up the nerve, why not?

Have you ever gone to a strip club with your man?


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