Robert Pattinson Reportedly in 'Near Naked' Ad & Please Let This Be True

Robert PattinsonLet's see, how shall I put this. Supposedly Robert Pattinson has filmed a new Dior campaign that will run in May, and it's described as "sexually explicit" and "pushes the boundaries of what you can get away with in advertising."

Do you understand what I'm saying, here? Let me clarify things a bit.

Robert Pattinson is reportedly part of a Dior men's clothing campaign where he'll be seen "near naked" and in bed with three women. And he'll also apparently be seen kissing one of the models. Like tongue kissing one of the models.

Did I mention there's even a scene where he "takes part in a foursome in various states of undress"? (Yowza.)


Oh, my. Is it getting hot in here? I think I need some air.

Ok, so a source says the foursome scene may not actually make the cut and appear in the ad. But still. The thought alone is enough to get anyone with a pulse a little bit hot and bothered.

Damn. What exactly has gotten into Rob these days? Threesomes and foursomes -- for a clothing ad? If he really is part of this campaign, then I think we can officially say goodbye to his shy, quiet, Edward Cullen persona.

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Not that any of us are complaining. Um, wouldn't you rather picture yourself with see Rob rolling around in the sheets than jumping in and out of trees at insane speeds? (I know I would. Ahem.)

Now let's just hope this report is true and this ad is really happening. It'll be a real shame if it turns out to be nothing but a rumor, considering we're already drooling over it.

Do you think the Dior ad is for real? Are you psyched to see it?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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