Rob Kardashian Opens Up About Weight Gain & His Honesty Is Admirable

Rob KardashianLosing weight isn't easy. Losing weight in the spotlight has got to SUCK. Which is why my heart goes out to Rob Kardashian. The man knows he's gained a decent amount of weight (40 pounds, to be exact). His sister Kim is making fun of the way he works out. Like seriously, can the 240-pound guy catch a little bit of a break here?

Rob recently spoke out about the extra pounds, admitting he's on a journey and hopes to be at his goal weight by July 4. The man's going on twice-daily workouts, meeting with a trainer at 8 in the morning, and admits he has 40 more pounds to lose. His big motivation, he tells Us Weekly, is "beautiful women."

You know what? That's the kind of attitude anyone needs if they're gonna try to shed pounds. Positivity is key.


When you want to lose a decent amount of weight, it's important to keep things in perspective. Rob isn't trying to drop 5 or 10 pounds, he's looking to drop 40. Losing that kind of weight takes time, and seeing that his goal is to accomplish this by July 4, he's giving himself that.

So many of us have been there. As much as you want to get rid of all the excess pounds right here and now, it's just not feasible. Instead of letting all the media criticism get to him, Rob is standing up for his efforts and being a good role model in the process. I have no doubt that come July, Rob's gonna be a whole different man.

Have you ever dropped major pounds? Can you relate to Rob's struggle?


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