‘Real Housewife’ Kim Richards’ Latest Quotes Prove How Delusional She Really Is

kim richardsThose Real Housewives never cease to amaze me. If they aren't flipping tables, wig pulling, or headed to rehab, they are saying the most ridiculous things. Comments range from head-scratchers ("Danielle, you put the 'cont' in contradiction, biatch" -- Teresa Giudice) to the bizarre ("I was as crazy as a vampire in sunlight" -- Phaedra Parks). Well, Kim Richards offers a new wackadoo quote to add to the list and it's further proof that these women clearly live in a world of their own.


During a sit-down on HuffPost Live, she chatted about her controversial show and alcohol addiction. All of it was pretty much stuff we've heard before except for one little tidbit about her career. When asked if she'd ever lied on a job application, she said, "No, I haven't. Because I haven't applied for a job." Wait, what? Seriously.

Now if it had been Teresa Guidice, I might have believed it. Having babies is work. It's actually the hardest job a woman can have, but you don't need to fill out an application to get that one. Even if Kim Zolciak claimed this, I would buy it. She kept saying she was a nurse, but in all those years on the show, she never once went to work -- anywhere.

But Kim is actually an actress -- a real one with a legitimate list of credits. Escape to Witch Mountain is just one of over 50 roles she has landed. Isn't going on auditions technically applying for a job? She’s been doing that since she was a kid. I think this is further evidence that something just ain't right with Kim. In fact, they all are pretty delusional when it comes to their lives, don't you think? But I guess that is why they are so fun to watch.

Check out the entire interview:

Do you believe Kim has never really applied for a job?

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