Robert Pattinson's Newly Shaved Head Is a Total Turn-Off

robert pattinsonRobert Pattinson shaved his head again. The Twilight actor is in Australia filming The Rover, and apparently, the role calls for him to be bald. Clearly, no one's unhappier about this than Robert, who's only been spotted out and about in Adelaide with a baseball cap on, but Kristen Stewart probably comes in a close second.

I mean, when a guy's bread and butter is his hair and he suddenly shaves it all off, it's a little jarring.


I don't want to say that his baldness is the reason behind their breakup rumors, but, come on. You can't look at these pictures and tell me he's just as charming and dashing as ever without the thick, gorgeously unruly mop on top of his head.

Because hair today, gone tomorrow can be a real game-changer, if not career changer. Any Felicity fans out there? When Keri Russell took a goddamn machete to her amazingly beautiful and endlessly enviable soft, flowing curls, ratings plummeted. Felicity wasn't Felicity without her hair, and viewers fucking lost their shit.

Quick. Name something else Keri Russell's been in. Exactly.*

The good news is, though, hair grows back. Robert will be back to his devilishly floppy British 'do in no time. And if not, well, there's always a wig.

Robert Pattinson's Hair Piece Blows Off in Times Square -- I can see the headlines now.

Which haircut do you prefer on RPattz? Longish and scraggly, or buzzed to the scalp?

*I know she was in that short-lived Will Arnett sit-com and currently stars in The Americans, but like, she could've been a HUGE star and that question could've been WAY easier to answer.

Photo via Splash News

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