6 New 'Mad Men' Season 6 Spoilers That Have Us on the Edge of Our Seats (VIDEO)

mad men season 6 Now that we're just a couple weeks out from the two-hour Mad Men season 6 premiere, creator Matt Weiner is letting some cats out of the bag! Crazy considering how he always seems to want anyone involved with the show to be totally tight-lipped about anything. But maybe he figures dangling the carrot a bit of us is no biggie at this point. And yeah, of course, we're biting!

Here, six spoilers floating around out there now that are making us even more psyched for April 7 ...

  1. In the "inside season 6" promo AMC released recently, Jessica Pare dished: "It's not what you think is coming. It's not coming in the way that you thought it was coming. It's probably not coming at all! Unless you were expecting more great costumes and more big hair." Most exciting teaser I've heard yet!
  2. Then, Rich Sommer (Harry Crane) added, "For my money, it's certainly one of the more exciting seasons. I mean, there's a lot of stuff happening that never would've happened on the show three or four years ago." My money is on him meaning sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll ...
  3. Jon Hamm spoke with press about the premiere recently and his observations on the season 6 poster seem replete with clues about Don’s dualistic existence, especially going forward: “The central motif of it obviously is these two versions of this one man crossing. Which one are we supposed to be following? One of them is with somebody and one of them is not. I think that shouldn't be lost on people. One of them has a briefcase in his hand, one of them doesn't. … There's a one way sign, there's a stop sign, there's a lot of things. Those aren't mistakes. Matt [Weiner] was very involved in the choosing of this particular image and finding the artist he wanted. … This is chaotic and different and in may ways kind of suggests the world we're moving into [on the show]. Bright colors and crazy tones and a lot going on."
  4. The premiere will open with a lack of dialogue from Don. Jon even joked, “Number one, I was glad I didn't have a lot of lines. I didn't have a lot to memorize. It was interesting for me.” But keep your eyes peeled per usual for heavy symbolism. Jon notes, “We open [Season 6] with a man sitting in paradise reading about hell. And I think that's an interesting juxtaposition. We see it in the key art, and as the season progresses you'll see a lot of dualities and two sides of this person.” 
  5. What Jon wishes for and “advises” Don seems to hint at what’s to come (or not to come) in his personal life, too: “I wish for him to find peace and or balance and or happiness. I think Don's life has been one out of balance for quite some time. Not to get too Life of Pi on anyone here -- which was an excellent film by the way, if you haven't seen it please do -- we find out more in Season 6 about why Don is how he is. And why Don does what he does. His house is built on a weak foundation. He's a fundamentally damaged and broken guy. I would advise him to fix that foundation. And then work on the house. Don't work on the house first. Work on the foundation first. I hope that was cryptic enough."
  6. And the biggest spoilers by far come courtesy of E! News, which got an advanced screening of the premiere episode and dished on the five things we can expect to see: "A wedding, two deaths, Megan rocking several colorful bikinis, a dramatic physical transformation from Betty, and one character dropping an F-bomb (is that even allowed on AMC?!). As for the finale's big question — did Don cheat on Megan? — let's just say that will no longer be a question by the end of the two-hour premiere." WHAAA!

Check out the inside season 6 clip here ...



Knowing what you do now, what are your predictions for season 6?


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