'True Blood' Season 6 Spoilers: Sookie's 'Faerie Tale' Is Way Freakier Than We Thought

sookieTrue Blood season 6, why you gotta be so complicated?! Y'all got so many new characters a-comin' and plot lines a-growin' like twisted vines on an old plantation porch, I'm afraid I'm gonna need to make myself a big ole diagram to keep it all straight! (Sometimes the voice in my head sounds a lot like Lafayette -- that ever happen to you Truebies?) Anyway, still more True Blood season 6 spoilers have been released from the vault of vampire secrets, and the way I see it, we've got some sexy news, we've got some intriguing news, and we've got some alarming news. 

Which one y'all wanna hear first?


The sexy news, huh? Mmm-hmm. No surprise there. Fine, here goes:

Apparently the male faerie/Sookie love interest character Ben (who's supposed to help our damsel in distress figure out why her parents were killed and what Warlow wants from her) is bringing along his mom and dad, too -- in flashback form, at least. When will we "meet the parents," exactly? In Episode 5, titled -- are you ready?! -- "F*ck the Pain Away." Will said f*cking involve new cast member Rutger Hauer? Does Lafayette love himself a doo rag?! (I only know the answer to one of those questions, actually.)

Anyway. Weird, wild stuff. Now, on to the more intriguing: A 90210 cast member moving into Bon Temps?! Yup. Amelia Rose Blaire has been cast as Willa, feisty daughter of Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell (Arliss Howard). Feisty and human, eh? She better be smart, too, or I don't expect she'll be sticking around for too long.

And now, for the slightly alarming: Mark Hudis, the showrunner who JUST replaced creator Alan Ball, is bailing mid-season. His replacement? Brian Buckner. Who is awesome, don't get me wrong -- he's been with TB since the beginning -- but is it kinda weird that Hudis jumped ship halfway through?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see ...

Do you think Sookie is going to hookie hook up with a family of faeries?


Image via HBO

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