Lindsay Lohan’s 6 Mugshots & What She Was Thinking During Each Pic (PHOTOS)

lindsay lohan mugshotLike a leather couch sale, Lindsay Lohan's mugshots are becoming a semi-annual event. The harried actress just sat for her sixth installment in her series of portraits for the police, and by most accounts, it's her most successful snapshot to date. It's also her first time in that L.A.P.D.'s seat as a brunette, so there's that.

Let's take a look at Lindsay's six mugshots, shall we? And, unlucky for you, I've included some theories as to what she's probably saying to the cameraman in each of these pics. Good times.

  • July, 2007


    "Hey everyone. Cool policey shirts! It's cool, no need to make a fuss. I'm Lindsay Lohan. Mean Girls? Parent Trap? I'm sure we can clear up this issue of a 'small amount of cocaine' you found in my car. It's not like I'm a repeat offender or anything. And hey, you guys will let me know when you're going to take the picture, right? ... damn you."

  • November, 2007


    "Hey old friends. I'm just going to sit here real still until you take the picture, UNLIKE LAST TIME. Nothing says 'progress' to a judge quite like an improved mugshot. Am I doing the 'Richie' right? Is my head down far enough?"

  • July, 2010


    "I know it's been a couple years, but you guys would tell me if you liked Paris Hilton's mugshot more than mine, right? She was the slut who was just in here. I mean, I know she brought it with the braid and everything, but I'm wearing sheer pink lip gloss, so, like, what do you say, tie? I win?"

  • September, 2010


    "Boom! Betcha didn't expect to see me back so soon, huh? And yes, it's obvious, I took your advice, Darryl, and I went back to red. You're right, it's really going to help me stand out in a sea of blonde starlet mugshots. Wait! I wanna try a cool-girl eyebrow raise for this one. OK. Ready."

  • October, 2011


    "Hey, D. Yeah, been a year or so. Not good times, though. You gain weight, man? Or am I still just seeing double. I don't feel so hot, dude. If you could just get someone in here to hold me up while we snap this bitch, that'd be awesome. Careful, though, my bones are kind of deteriorating, so don't hold on to me too tight."

  • March, 2013


    "God, you guys. I've been gone two years and you get a new coffee maker? It's police stations like these that make me feel really good about not paying taxes. So over this. But for the record, I'm gonna give you my best 'It's not the drugs talking, I really like you' bedrooms eyes. They are not, however, meant as an invitation. Ok, ready."

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