Gwyneth Paltrow’s Diet ‘Changed Her Marriage’ & Now They Argue More

gwyneth paltrowWhen it comes to musings from Gwyneth Paltrow, I usually fall in the camp of less is more. I don't mind an occasional recipe from GOOP, but listening to her sanctimonious dribble is like nails on a chalkboard at times. So I braced myself for her latest interview in Self magazine. But Gwyneth actually offers advice that could help improve every frazzled mom's marriage. Seriously.


The Oscar winner says that her low-carb, gluten-free diet isn't just good for her body, it has improved her relationship too ... well, sort of. With this new "clean" diet, Gwyneth feels more open about expressing her feelings of anger. When she "sucked it up," that led to yelling at traffic in her car or wildly tugging at hangers stuck together in her closet. Now, she no longer makes other people's feelings her top priority and the result is a new level of calm -- at least for her.

Ugh. Poor Chris Martin. Those conversations can't be easy for her husband. Still, I have to give the girl kudos for putting her emotional needs first. That is a rarity among moms and wives. So much of what we do is making sure everyone else is nurtured and cared for. We tend to put our family's needs above our own. It's no wonder so many women are tired, cranky, and on edge. What wife hasn't had a momentary freak-out due to frustration?

Most of us are so worn down by a million responsibilities -- and a bad diet -- but still never manage to make the changes we need to take care of ourselves. If we did, I bet most of us would feel like completely different people and much more content in our relationships. So Chris may have a ton of eye-roll worthy chats with Gwyneth coming his way, but in the end, the old adage is always true: Happy Wife, Happy Life.

What do you think of Gwyneth's plan to express her anger more?


Image via Self Magazine

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