Faye Resnick Is Most Hated ‘Housewife’ of All Time & She’s Not Even a ‘Housewife’

faye resnickIt's really saying something when the most hated Real Housewife isn't even a Housewife, but I think after last night's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, former manicurist Faye Resnick deserves the honor. It's to be determined whether or not she's angling for a spot on the show or is just some sort of devil reincarnate with a horrible tan and even worse sense of style, but one thing's for sure: Faye's gotten on everyone's last fucking nerve.

Everyone's, that is, except for Kim Richards'. She was on Watch What Happens Live last night and was all, "Faye's a good person."


Please, Kim, please. Please try and not be such a wet blanket for once. Have a backbone and just say that Faye's the worst. And if you actually think that she's a nice lady, then you're crazier than I ever thought.

I suppose Kim feels like she needs to stick up for Faye because Faye's a close friend of Kyle's, but really? Kyle and Faye can have each other. I totally believe that they sit around Kyle's horrible store (I mean, her style is cut-hole-in-Moroccan-tablecloth-and-drape-over-head -- there's no way Kyle by Alene Too has anything worth browsing) and plot their silly little attacks, which they've tried to rebrand as "coming to the defense of women."

Because when Faye stumbled over that one-liner she had planned for months, "No matter how much Chanel you borrow, you'll never be a lady", I think it became clearer than ever that she's a fake wanna-be with nothing better to do than pretend she's "involved with everything."

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Faye, Kim, and Kyle can go bye-bye now. If none of them return next season, I can't say I'd be upset. But if Yolanda, Brandi, or Lisa weren't to return, I'm pretty sure I'd stab myself in the eye with a nail file and become an Apocalypse fear monger.

Watch Kim defend Faye:

What do you think of Faye Resnick?


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