Bradley Cooper Reveals 20-Year-Old Girlfriend & We Take Back Everything Nice We Said About Him

Bradley CooperRemember when Bradley Cooper said that his Silver Linings Playbook costar Jennifer Lawrence was too young for him to date and middle-aged women everywhere were like, Oooo oooo oooo!! Bradley is such a good guy! He likes mah-tyur women! I've got a shot! Well, no, you don't. Bradley is apparently just like every other dude in Hollywood -- totally into younger women. And his girlfriend is even younger than Jennifer. What gives, Bradley, you hypocritical cradle robber?


It all started when rumors were a-swirl that Bradley, who is 38, and JLaw, who is 22, were dating. But Bradley scoffed at that, saying, "I'm literally old enough to be her father." And we all thought that was so refreshing! Imagine a guy in Hollywood actually thinking a woman 16 years younger than him is too young. Doesn't happen very often. In fact, Bradley might be the first.

Only he was full of crapola. JLaw wasn't too young for him -- she was too old! Because shortly after this comment, he was seen leaving a party with a 20-year-old model named Suki Waterhouse. But we kinda dismissed that because, well, we were in hardcore denial.

However, we can deny no more. Reportedly, Bradley and Suki are officially an item (as official as these things get without, you know, the actual people involved saying anything). A source told US Weekly:

It's new but they're hanging out. He's really into her.

Also? He looks like her father. Makes you wonder what the official reason for him not hooking up with Jennifer was -- since it obvs had nothing to do with her age. Et tu, Bradley?

What do you think of Bradley dating a woman 18 years younger?


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