Kate Middleton's Uncle Lets Awkward Detail About the Duchess Slip

Kate MiddletonWe all have our share of unique relatives, and the Duchess of Cambridge is no exception. For starters, she's got the distant cousin she barely knows, Katrina Darling, who's made a career out of getting naked and having her photo taken; and then she has the crazy uncle (don't we all), who famously owned a place in Ibiza called Casa Bang Bang, where he was filmed sniffing coke.

And sadly for Kate, Uncle Bang Bang (real name Gary Goldsmith) is back.

Goldsmith recently sat down for an interview with Hello! magazine, and while he didn't exactly say anything scathing about the pregnant Duchess, he did reveal something Kate probably doesn't want the world to know. Heyo!


Uncle Gary said that "everything seems to come very easily" for his niece Pippa, but for Kate -- she has to "work really hard at everything." He continued: "She is brilliant at whatever she turns her hand to, but works at it, throwing herself into everything. Whereas Pip, everything seems to come very easily."

Is this a massive insult to Kate? No, of course it isn't. He's essentially calling her a hard-worker. But A) I don't think Kate appreciates her rando relatives giving accounts of the kind of person she is, and B) don't we all think everything Kate does/is is 100 percent natural? Little to no effort involved? We think of her as a royal born to (very rich) commoners, no? We don't want to see how the sausage is made!

Well, whatever "work" Kate's doing, it's working. Girl went and found herself a prince and then married the guy. Just goes to show you -- sometimes you've just gotta roll up your sleeves and get dirty. Or, you know, you have to be born really tall and pretty. Either/or.

Do you think of Kate's uncle's comments are whack?

Image via Tom Soper Photography/Flickr

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