Robert Pattinson Used to Model Underwear & Looked a Lot Like Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart robert pattinsonOld photos of Robert Pattinson have emerged and I don't know guys, I'll have to say, they're just kind of creepy. I guess our dear RPattz wanted his big break so badly that he didn't care if it came in the form of an androgynous photo shoot in his underwear at the ripe old age of 14.

Thankfully slash unthankfully, images from the 2001 shoot have resurfaced online and dslkrjlgaith;;kaih, I feel weird.


So I guess it's not technically his underwear -- the shoot was for a Japanese magazine ostensibly trying to depict the sophistication of a 1930s beachware -- but yowsers, it's just all kinds of awkward. A young teenage Robbie in short shorts and black socks? Not buying it.

Here's the thing, though. As much as these pictures activate some maternal instinct that encourages me want to turn away, they also intrigue me on a very interesting level.

Do you see a striking resemblance between Robert here, and Kristen Stewart? The hooded eyes, the pouted lips, the overall boyish good looks -- it's like they're identical.

Tell me you don't see it.

I've heard that people are intrinsically attracted to themselves, so maybe Robert and Kristen ended up dating because hell, they look kind of alike. And maybe, if they stay together and end up getting married, they can adopt a dog that looks like them and have three or four little babies that look just like them, too.

Here's hoping Robsten takes over the world, one pair of hooded-eyes at a time.

Do you think they look similar?


Photo via accidentalpaparazzi/Flickr

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