Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert Slam Cheating Rumors in Hilarious Way

Blake Shelton & Miranda LambertAlright, I have a major confession: I think Blake Shelton is adorable. OK that's an understatement: I think he's adorable AND crazy hilarious. The man has the voice of an angel, makes me laugh on every darned episode of The Voice, and have you ever checked his Twitter feed? The man holds NOTHING back! Which is why I can't get over the way he addressed these emerging rumors that he cheated on wife Miranda Lambert with a 23-year-old artist.

The country star took to his personal Twitter on Sunday tweeting to his wife "Hey @mirandalambert ... I just read in a tabloid that our marriage is falling apart! FOCK!" to which she replied "Oh no! Can't wait to read if we make it or not."

... see that there, that's the kind of humor every relationship needs. If the two of them can handle this kind of criticism in such a public way, who are any of us to complain?


First things first: I'm assuming that Blake and Miranda addressed these rumors on their own at home before taking to the Twitterverse to confront the weirdness. With that said, whether you're a celebrity or a normal Joe-shmoe like me, it's important to emerge as one unit at all times especially on social media. When other people have the chance to comment on your personal life, that's when things can get sticky.

Which is exactly why you and your partner need to be on the same team. For Blake and Miranda, they wanted to have a little fun with it after the fact and I say kudos to them. I want to believe in my heart of hearts that Blake's remained faithful, and even if he hasn't, it appears that this is something him and Miranda have spoken about, gotten over, and are better for it. Let the joking continue, my man!

Do you and your partner have a relationship on social media? Do you think it makes things more stressful?


Image via Splash News

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