Jenelle Evans Confirms She’s Back With Courtland Rogers & That Rehab Was Pointless

Jenelle EvansWelp. Our biggest fears are officially confirmed. Jenelle Evans and husband Courtland Rogers are 100 percent back together. Yup, now that Jenelle's done with rehab and Courtland is out of the slammer (man, that sounds awesome), the two are back in bed together and giving their relationship another go.

It's sad, really. The awful truth is that Jenelle cannot be alone. She's confessed in the past that she's addicted to relationships. Clearly her trip to love addiction rehab didn't work, and it's more clear than ever that she really needs to get help.


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It's frightening to me that even after seeking treatment for her addiction, she's still in this position. Knowing what she knows about her issues, it's beyond clear that the treatment hasn't worked. It's very clear that Jenelle needs more help, help will NOT find that in bed with Courtland.

The Teen Mom isn't going to be able to get over her problems until she removes herself from the situation and allows herself to find happiness in OTHER places besides in a relationship. When that happens, I guarantee she'll be able to spend more time with her son Jace and get her life back on some sort of positive track.

Can you believe they're back together?


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