Man Smokes in Kate Middleton's Face -- Off With His Head! (PHOTO)

kate middletonWhile perusing through some photos of Kate Middleton this morning, I happened upon something that stopped me dead in my Internet tracks: A photo of a man all but dunking the Duchess' pregnant head in a bowl of cigarette ashes.

Okay, I'm being a scosh dramatic, but look at this dude! He's smoking on top of Kate Middleton! That's nasty! And rude! No, the world doesn't stop when a lady is with-child -- believe me, I know that -- but smoking so close to a preggo? Come on now.


Full disclosure here, this is a snap judgment. All I have to go on regarding this situation is this picture. For all I know, Kate could have meandered over to this man while he was mid-cig, and he immediately put it out upon seeing her. But still, it brings up the issue of smoking when in such close proximity to a pregnant woman: Obviously, I'm against it.

When in a public place, I realize that there's really not much that can be done. Believe me, I was walking around New York City, AKA Smoker's Paradise, throughout my entire pregnancy. I breathed in more second-hand smoke than I care to remember. But have some manners, peeps. If you realize you're standing directly next to a pregnant lady, blow your smoke in the opposite direction. Is turning your neck that much to ask?

Nobody's asking anybody to quit smoking just because there are pregnant women walking around in the world. By all means, continue to puff away, friends. Your lungs' funeral. But when you see a preggo coming your way -- particularly if that woman happens to be Kate Middleton -- exercise a little etiquette, kthnxbai.

Did people smoke near you when you were pregnant?

Image via Matt Cardy/Getty

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