Kris Jenner’s ‘Sex Tape’ Could Reveal Shocking News About Khloe

Kris Jenner sex tapeSo rumors started swirling last week that Kris Jenner could potentially have a sex tape, and what a shocker -- the momager hasn't denied a thing. She'll just let us all keep talking about her because essentially, the more we keep her relevant, the bigger her bank account gets.

But now this rumor is getting a bit out of control. And the latest piece of information could tear apart her family for good. It even sheds light on Khloe Kardashian's paternity drama.

Hey Kris, do you still want to keep quiet about all of this?


Rumor has it that Kris' sex tape is actually with Khloe's real father, not Robert Kardashian. Apparently Robert even confirmed this news himself when he was alive. So who's the guy in the tape then? Inquiring minds need to know! Ah-ha, that's the whole point. Now Kris could potentially milk this rumor for as much as she wants.

Now, I know the momager loves attention -- especially when that attention makes her seem sexy and wild, like a sex tape would. But her daughter, Khloe, hasn't exactly had the smoothest ride with that whole paternity situation. Why on earth would she let this rumor continue now that the question of Khloe's real father has been dragged into it?

Is it because she's afraid of what the tape will actually reveal? Perhaps. But, I guess only time will tell.

Come clean, Kris. We're waiting.

Do you think it's wrong that Kris isn't denying the sex tape rumors? Do you think these rumors will hurt Khloe?

Image via Stefanie Favicchio

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