Kate Middleton Trips in High Heels & Needs to Try This Shoe Trick (PHOTO)

kate middletonKate Middleton nearly toppled over yesterday while attending a St. Patrick's Day parade in England. The Duchess, who's almost six months pregnant, got her heel stuck in a grate on the street, and had to grab on to Prince William while she tried to unawkwardly untangle things. She lived through the ordeal, but I think the incident settles a long-debated hot button issue once and for all: Wedges > High heels.


Even though my high heel wearing is basically relegated to weddings, I admit: I do love a high heel. It's one of the sexiest, albeit uncomfortable, forms of footwear out there. And it can make any woman look like she has legs for days. But a wedge! Oh, a wedge! A wedge rarely is the cause of a topple, and I'll be damned if they're not 734 times more pleasant to wear than a standard heel. (Especially when pregnant!)

Do I suspect Duchess Catherine will quit wearing heels after this almost accident? That would be a negatory. They really do go quite well with everything she wears, and let's face it -- the woman loves her high heels. But may I suggest opting for a platform wedge once in a while, Kate? Not all the time, but on occasion. And if you don't feel comfortable investing in a pair of your own, I have a lovely pair of Steve Maddens I'd be willing to part with for a bit. Call me.

Heels or wedges?

Image via Ben Pruchnie/Getty

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