Khloe Kardashian Planned to Fake a Heart Attack to Avoid Hosting 'The X-Factor' (VIDEO)

khloe kardashianKhloe Kardashian has long been my favorite Kardashian. In my opinion, she is infinitely more real, honest, and sincere than her sisters. I even buy that her relationship with Lamar Odom is completely legit. Who says a 30-day courtship isn't the key to lasting love? But even my adoration can't make me see Khloe's hosting duties on The X Factor for anything other than what they are -- a complete disaster. Turns out, she saw it that way too. Her first week was such a catastrophe, she admits to nearly faking a heart attack to avoid her new gig. Take a look at her crazy confession!


During a sneak peek of the March 17 episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, Khloe comes clean. She just couldn't take the pressure of live TV, complaining about the pace, the rules, and all the yelling in her ear.


Must have been pretty intimidating for the girl. The Kardashians are used to very choreographed appearances. Have you noticed that just about everything that comes our of their mouths are always cool, witty, or funny soundbites? That's because they do retakes of EVERYTHING. It was even recently revealed that Kim re-shot her proposal scene with Kris Humphries twice because she didn't like the way her face looked in the first take.

So poor Khloe had a real shock to the system when it came to co-hosting that singing competition live in front of millions. There were no do-overs. There was no, "Let me say that again" or "I gotta change my outfit because I look fat." That's a real adjustment for her. Watching the star struggle her way through that first show was painful. Really painful. She was awkward, stiff and totally out of her element. And though she slightly improved over the season, there are reports she was not asked back. That's probably a smart move for the show and for her. She should stick to scripted, taped programs. Oops. I meant reality TV.

Do you think Khloe was a good X Factor co-host?

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