'Honey Boo Boo' Helps Actress Cope With Her Biggest Fears

honey boo booI think little Alana Thompson is capable of a lot of things. She has taken the toddler pageant circuit by storm. She is the star of TLC's biggest hit to date. And she has single-handedly made being a redneck look kinda cool. But saving someone from a terror-filled nightActress Abigail Breslin says she used Honey Boo Boo to avoid nightmares. That's a first. Sounds weird, right? But it actually makes perfect sense.


While filming the thriller The Call, in which she plays a young girl kidnapped by a psychopath, she was a little spooked. To calm her nerves and ensure she didn't have bad dreams, she watched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo every day. When you think about it, there are certainly a lot of feel-good moments on the controversial show.

You have to admit, they are an incredibly loving family. Mama June Shannon, along with Sugar Bear, Chubbs, Pumkin, Chicadee and Honey Boo Boo appear to have a really tight, supportive bond. They may poke fun at each other (remember the "fat" scarecrow they built in mama's likeness?), but there is no mean-spiritedness behind it.

Not only that, they really seem to geniunly enjoy being around each other. It was both weird and wonderful when mama revealed some of the family games they play. Who wouldn't have fun on a redneck slip 'n slide. And while "Guess Whose Breath" totally grosses me out, they seemed to have a ball doing it.

Taking all that in on a daily basis can be a real stress reliever. It's a chance to sit down and smile at the end of a long, hard day. That family is so laid-back and unpretentious, it reminds us to chill out and not take ourselves so seriously. Who wouldn't benefit from that?

Does watching Honey Boo Boo make you feel better?


Image via TLC

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