George Clooney's Girlfriend Stacy Keibler Knows Just How to Get Him to Marry Her

Rumors are swirling (again!) that George Clooney and his lady love of two years, Stacy Keibler, have called it quits. But you've also got a rumor that they're close to getting married. So, choose your rumor, folks. Let's go with the last one, since the first one has been done so many times. I don't blame people for speculating -- George has always broken up with his girlfriends shortly after he brings them to the Oscars (a strange kiss of death, but okay ...) and Stacy just completed her second Oscar trip. If George's history is any indication, that would mean Stacy is history. But a source tells ShowBizSpy that George, far from breaking up with Stacy, is actually considering marrying her. George Clooney??? Marrying???? What kind of witchy spell has Stacy cast on our marriage-hating George? Listen up, ladies. And learn.


The source reveals that Stacy has played the game well with notoriously commitment-shy George. In fact, he's happier and more relaxed with her than he's ever been in a relationship, and he might even be reconsidering his long held stance on not getting married or having children. Claims the source:

I think George may even realize, as he’s getting on in years, his pledge to remain a bachelor is kind of a hollow one.

Hmmm. So what has Stacy managed to do that no other woman in George's life has managed? The source says that Stacy "studied him" and "learned to keep her distance." Apparently if George is busy with his pals or a movie, Stacy backs off and "doesn't even call him." Stacy "lets George come to her." And eventually he always does!

This sounds like excellent advice for any woman looking to marry one of those commitment-skittish types. In fact, giving each other space is probably good advice for any relationship (unless you're one of those nauseating attachment couples). It would be difficult to give notorious womanizer George his space on a movie set, but Stacy seems up for the job. And that might just make her Mrs. George Clooney one day.

And if not, I'm still here, George.

Have you ever been in a relationship with a commitmentphobe?

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