'True Blood' Season 6 Spoiler Teases Sexy Love Triangle With New 'Hot-as-Hell' Lady Vampire

bill and ericWell, I think we can all agree: If there's one thing True Blood needs, it's MORE sex. Okay, fine, those vamps deliver a fair amount of small screen sexytime already, but who are we kidding -- the more hot supes gettin' it on, the better! That's why I absolutely can't wait for True Blood Season Sex -- whoops, I mean Season Six. Especially because the latest spoiler just might be the sultriest yet!

Are you ready? Here's a hint: Two's company, three's a crowd (or, depending how you look at it, three's a party!).


That's right, yet ANOTHER love triangle is expected to form when True Blood finally comes back -- this one involving (yet another) new vamp-on-the-scene: Violet. (Awesome vamp name!) She's being described as "a hot-as-hell, tough-as-nails blood-sucker" who'll be around 600 years old but "look about 25." (Like we really expected her to look her age?!)

Anyway, no word on casting yet (ideas?! Share 'em in the comments section), but what I really want to know is which characters will make up the other 2/3rds of that love triangle. Will that new guy Wes be involved? Still not clear on what type of creature he's gonna be, though some suspect he'll be of the faerie persuasion ... in which case, Violet + Sookie + Wes? Or maybe Violet + Eric + Bill? How 'bout Violet + Pam + Tara!! Or you know what? Just for the hell of it, why not Violet + Terry + Arlene?!

Oh, the possibilities are endless! And sooooooo hot.

What's your True Blood Season 6 love triangle prediction?


Image via HBO

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