Kate Middleton Is Prepping for Baby With Yoga & Parenting Books

kate middletonYou have more in common with British royalty than you think. As the world is well aware, Duchess Kate and Prince William are expecting their first heir to arrive this July. She has fame, fortune and access to everything under the sun, but that means little when you are a first-time mom. Kate is worried about the exact same things as every other mom-to-be -- baby weight, staying healthy, and trying to figure out how the hell to care for a newborn. Definitive proof that having a baby is the great equalizer among women, don't you think? And you won't believe the simple (and low cost!) tools and tricks Kate is using to get through her pregnancy and prep for life as a new mom.


It's no secret she has always been pretty sporty, but Kate has had to slow things down a bit with her pregnancy. Many of us can relate to that. While some women can keep up tough fitness routines until delivery, others have to take it easy. So she has started doing yoga.  No doubt it is bringing some much needed calm to her usually high pressured life.

Another fit tip expectant moms can take from Kate? Your dog is the ideal workout buddy at this point. She has been spotted taking their pooch Lupo for short walks around Kensington Gardens a few times a week. The other critical part of Kate's baby prep: studying. It seems the same same questions that plague us, keep her up at night too.  Kate has been reading about everything from how to be a good parent to how to stay healthy for the baby. I went through a ton of books myself when I was expecting. If she hasn't already, she should check out these:

"What to Expect When You're Expecting" It's a classic. Basically and A to Z of everything that is happening to your body and mind.

"The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy." I loved the down-to-earth way the author talked about the process. It really was like getting advice from a friend. 

Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth" Not gonna lie. It goes where other pregnancy books would never venture. Some of it freaked me out a bit, but I still laughed the whole time.

It's nice to see that although she will have an army of nannies at her disposal, Kate wants to be a hands on mom. There is nothing more rewarding than figuring out how to soothe your baby or be able to make him happy. I think that is something every woman wants -- whether she's married to a prince, a pauper, or going at it on her own.

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