Liam Hemsworth's Latest Move Isn't Good News for Miley Cyrus

Liam HemsworthPoor Liam Hemsworth. Breakups are never fun, especially when you've proposed to the girl and you're ... wait a second, dear god, Liam is only 23? Feeling a little less badly. Anyway, he and Miley Cyrus have (officially?) split, so what's a poor, lonely bachelor like Liam supposed to do now?

Easy! Retreat to a $1.6 million bachelor beach-front pad that your parents have conveniently purchased for you. According to an ever-elusive "source," this house is where Liam has been hanging out as he mourns the breakup with beer, television, and tears or, you know, goes out to have a good time with his friends and hit on chicks because wow he's really ridiculously good-looking and surely will bounce back in no time ...

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house is situated right in the middle of some sand dunes with a picture-perfect view of the ocean. Ah, the life of a celebrity. No wonder they break up with each other all the damn time.


Cyrus, meanwhile, is staying in Los Angeles, and one can only wonder what color her hair is now. Still, who knows, maybe a few weeks away in an idyllic house on the ocean is exactly what Liam needs to clear his head. Though his parents purchased the house for him last year, maybe they had a feeling that this whirlwind romance may not lead to wedding bells -- at least not right now.

Other "sources" say that he isn't going crazy on the singles' scene, and that "he seems in a relaxed mood -- he doesn't seem especially sad [or] happy. He seems to be enjoying seeing his family as far as we can tell." If so, sounds like he's handling things relatively well, so kudos to him.

He's also been photographed shopping for "household goods" and groceries, which seems to be worth mentioning for whatever reason ...

Anyway, good for you, Liam, for not becoming a man whore like dudes stereotypically do when they go on the rebound. As hype for Hunger Games: Catching Fire reaches its inevitable climax before the release, perhaps it's best for Liam to hang out in this amazing house for now and keep out of the headlines while he and Miley try to figure out what they want to do. But seriously, if my parents could buy me a $1.6 million house on the beach to escape to after my breakups ... they really wouldn't be quite so earth-shattering. What a lucky, hunky guy!

Do you think Liam is doing the right thing by keeping a low profile and staying in Australia?


Image via Tom Sorensen/Wikimedia

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