Kate Middleton Gives Her Unborn Baby a Sweet Nickname

kate middletonYou know how when you or someone you know is pregnant, you think of a name to refer to the baby by while he/she is still in utero? Kate Middleton and Prince William supposedly do that, too! Just. Like. Us. The Daily Mail is reporting that the royal couple, who's around five months along, have taken to calling their son or daughter ...


"Our Little Grape"! Because she is just about the size of a grape. Cute! What did you call your baby before he or she was born? You know you had something.

I actually didn't remember this until I was writing, but before I had my daughter, we would refer to her as "Carol" around the office. One of my co-workers randomly came up with the name as a joke after I learned it was a girl, but it really caught on! My father and sister would even use it once in a while.

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Most people I know go a little more general, though. I've heard Bean, Miss Thing, Monkey, Munchkin, Little One, Squirmy Wormy, and Itty Bitty to name a few. Never a "Carol". And never a "Grape." (What can I say, Kate Middleton and I are twinsies.)

If you don't want to tell the name of your baby before he or she is born -- and you'd prefer it if people would stop badgering you to spill -- a cute nickname is the perfect way to distract. Also, it's nice to have a little pet name for your babe while you're still pregnant. God knows you'll have 150 of them after they're born.

Our Little Grape. Gosh, those two are cute.

What did you call your baby when he or she was still in utero?

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