Billy Joel Makes Student Fan's Day in Most Amazing Way Imaginable (VIDEO)

Imagine getting onstage with your music idol and accompanying him in a rendition of your favorite song. Not too many fans can say they've done that. But Vanderbilt University student Michael Pollack can lay claim to one of the coolest fan moments of all time. It happened spur of the moment when music legend Billy Joel was conducting a Q&A session at the college. A very nervous-looking Pollack stood up and asked Joel a question. And that question was: "Would you sing 'New York State of Mind' with me while I play piano?"

To the shock of everyone in the audience, especially the star-struck lucky fan, Joel didn't hesitate. He said yes.


The audience gasps in surprise and delight. I mean, who would think a huge celebrity would just agree to something like that off the bat? It's not like Joel had prepared for that kind of thing. He probably hadn't warmed up his voice. He didn't know if the kid would play like crap. And yet he must have known that, whatever would happen, it would be captured on a bunch of cellphone cameras -- and possibly embarrass him forever.

But instead of offering up some polite excuse like, "I'd love to but I've forgotten the lyrics" (and I wouldn't have been surprised if he did) or "I didn't get much sleep last night" or something else, Joel immediately says "Okay"!

Not only that, the two, who had never played together, sounded amazing. I really admire Joel's desire here to make a fan's dream come true -- and Michael's courage in asking this question!! You can't hear yes if you don't ask!

As Pollack put it:

It was probably the greatest moment of my life, up to date.

Would you have the nerve to get on stage with your favorite star? Who would it be? Check out Billy and Michael (this video here doesn't have the best view but it's cute to hear Michael's friends, who filmed it, freaking out). Stay for the end when Billy lets Michael riff on the piano. Billy might have just made Michael's career!

Image via YouTube

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