Justin Bieber’s Instagram Rant Has All the Makings of a Real Celebrity Meltdown

justin bieberNation, the Justin Bieber Celeb Meltdown Alert Level has been raised to orange. I repeat: The Justin Bieber Celeb Meltdown Alert Level has been raised to orange. The kid just kicked it up a level with a bizarre Instagram rant slamming Lindsay Lohan. And then he deleted it. And then he put it up again, this time without the LiLo mention.

You know what the worst thing about this meltdown is? It's not even fun for anyone. His rant was so mean-spirited. TMZ grabbed a screen shot of Biebs' original rant before it came down, and went back up again, edited. Here's what it said.


Everyone on my team has been telling me, "keep the press happy" but I'm tired of all the countless lies in the press right now. Saying I'm going to rehab and my family is so disappointed in me. My family is beyond proud, and nothing's been said by them, my grandparents wouldn't know how to reach out to the press even if they did want so that was all a lie and rehab cmon. If anyone believes I need rehab thats their own stupidity lol I'm 19 with 5 number one albums 19 and I've seen the whole world. 19 and I've accomplished more that I could've ever dreamed of, I'm 19 and it must be scary for some people to think that this is just the beginning. I know my talent level and i know i got my head on straight. I know who I am and who I'm not. My message is to believe. My albums could be about everything but my messages have been to never say never and to believe, not to believe in me, but to believe in yourself .. I honestly don't care if you believe in me because I believe in me, and look where that's gotten me so far .. I'm writing this with a smile on my face and love in my heart. Letting you know first hand how I feel rather than have these stories linger. I'm a good person with a big heart. And I don't think I deserve all this negative press I've worked my ass off to getwhere I am and my hard work doesn't stop here. I'm growing up, finding myself while having people criticize me every day I think I'm doing pretty damn good.

I mean, a lot of this doesn't sound all that crazy. Justin has a lot of FEELINGS and he wants to express them. He's paranoid about people being threatened about his success, but I guess that's to be expected. He's super naive about thinking he doesn't deserve all the negative press he's gotten lately. What you "deserve" hardly enters into the equation when it comes to bad press, as any major pop culture figure can tell you. And anyway, a lot of the negative press has been about things we've seen Bieber do, with photos and everything. So ... no surprise there. But it's this part at the very end that really took the whole thing to Crazy Town, population Bieb:

And to those comparing me to Lindsay Lohan, take a look at our 2012 tax statements ;)

Okay. So that's pretty low and petty. First of all, he shouldn't be paying any attention to his haters. Everyone has them -- you just ignore them. Secondly, he especially shouldn't be listening to the haters who compare him to LiLo because that's just an absurd comparison. Sure, they're both stars who achieved major success at a young age. But it's silly.

Even worse than listening to the morons who compare him to Lindsay Lohan is picking on Lindsay Lohan. Really, dude? Kicking a woman while she's down? We all know Lindsay's career is kind of in the gutter right now. She's struggling to pull her shit together -- or maybe she's not. I don't know. But it's just cruel for Bieber to compare his earnings to Lindsay's -- cruel and petty and LOCO.

But now we know a little more about Bieber. His measure of success is number-one albums and money. And if that's your metric for self worth, you really are headed for a big crash. Everyone needs enough money, and money can buy you opportunities and peace of mind to a point. But it's not who you are. It doesn't give love. And it doesn't make your stronger inside. If anything, this much money can make you insecure.

Bieber's meltdown is just plain sad. Does he have anyone in his life giving him a reality check? I don't mean the people telling him to "keep the press happy." I mean people who can help him find his core, who can help him learn to trust himself and move with confidence and serenity through the scary celebrity world. I hope there's someone in his life who can do that for him. Because we don't want to see the Justin Bieber Celeb Meltdown Alert reach red.

Do you think this is just growing pains, or is Bieber actually having a major crisis?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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