Kim Kardashian Is Being Totally Rude About How Rob Kardashian Is Trying to Lose Weight

Rob KardashianIt's no secret that Rob Kardashian has put on a few pounds. Instead of letting all the media criticism get him down, the Kardashian brother has been actively trying to shed the weight as summer gets closer. Even if that means taking to the treadmill in his sister Kim's bedroom.

It would seem Kim's praising Rob's fit dedication with her tweet, "Rob putting in work!!!" but instead, she chooses to poke fun at him in a video attachment. There she is, pregnant momma-to-be, laying in bed and joking about how Rob talks to himself when he runs. You can hear him in the background saying a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo including, "I can't look at myself anymore."

... to be real, my heart breaks a little bit. Rob's REALLY trying to get his butt in shape, Kim. Maybe instead of "joking" about what he's doing, you should just support him -- eh?


Many of us have been in Rob's position before. You're at a point where you know you want to lose weight and your mind is 100 percent in the game. Rob's been spotted hiking, running, and doing all these different fitivities trying to step up his weight loss efforts. Like Rob, when you're making a conscious effort to better yourself, what you really need is the support of your friends and family around you. I'm not saying Kim doesn't support him. I'm sure she wants the best for him, too. However, posting a "joking" video about how he's talking to himself on the treadmill isn't exactly sweet behavior.

And come ON -- we ALL do crazy things when we're working out. Me, I'm totally guilty of mouthing all the lyrics to the songs I'm listening to. That, and when I'm running outside, I may or may not play the air drums every once in a while. Yeah yeah, it may look weird -- but if it's what gets me pumped and keeps me going, then I say why not.

See Kim's video, here:

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Do you have any funny workout habits?


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