Jenelle Evans & Courtland Rogers Back Together & We’re Fearing the Worst

Jenelle Evans and Courtland RogersLast week, we found out that Jenelle Evans was indeed in rehab for drugs. Last week, her tweet "this is for Jace" started to really make sense. Last week, I hoped that after her trip to rehab, she'd be able to reevaluate and, just maybe, finally get away from all of the bad influences and better herself. I hate to say it, but this week -- I'm just not thinking it's possible. Why? Because on Tuesday night, Jenelle spent the night with her husband Courtland Rogers.

For those of you following along at home, this is the same husband that allegedly abused her. The same husband that she's cussed out on Twitter too many times to count. The same husband that, according to the social networking site, is frustrated that Jenelle hogs the covers.

Yup, Jenelle and Courtland are back together -- or at least back in bed together. Insert feeling of nausea right here.


Jenelle is troubled. There is no other way to put it. After finding out that she was in rehab to deal with a drug problem, Jenelle went from a woman I loved to shake my head at for her ridiculous decisions to someone I am concerned about. In the way, of course, that we normal folk can be concerned about "celebrities" we'll never actually come into contact with.

Jenelle is recovering from all sorts of crazy drama in her life. She went to rehab to get better for her son, and while she may have overcome some issues there, jumping back into bed with Courtland is just asking for bigger problems. A life with Courtland proved dangerous, argumentative, stressful, and just ... bad.

Someone needs to shake some sense into her (figuratively, of course). At this point, it's clear her "fans," MTV producers, and her exes aren't the right people to do so. I'm starting to wonder who is.

Can you believe this?


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